Thursday, December 03, 2009

Pictures of transition

I am really missing this kitchen wall.

When ever I look at my buffet,

I miss it.

However, thank God I am here

in my new blue place

with so much potential,

albeit less space.

I must strive to remember the thankfulness I had

cleaning my new apartment

and hanging my Trinity Icon on the wall.

(It is now the first Icon one sees when my front door opens.)

And what a view.
Tomorrow help is coming, thank God.
To do:
recycle boxes
put up table
fix shelf I tried to put up
move boxes off top shelves
fix bed that is tilting
To figure out:
I need more lighting.
I have one more cool vintage lamp at home.
Will this be enough?
I am hoping so, as thrift is the name of the game.
where to put the rest of my Icons that are
still not up.
And I need to reposition one that I put up two days ago.
what to do with the others shelves I have and where
to put them...
Can't Wait!:
for things to find their proper place so that
a sense of space and light
can come back.
That Cleo my Cat is sitting next to me as I type this.
I do love that cat!


E Helena E said...

Nice to see the new home emerging bit by bit. Love those blues and greens!

elizabeth said...

Thanks! The green is my old apartment, Alas. I miss my green walls.

Now I have blue walls and must learn to love these.

I will be putting up my green curtians someday though...

Pres. Kathy said...

I love the view from your window!

DebD said...

I love that view too.

mamajuliana said...

That view is spectacular! I would have a hard time getting used to blue, I am a definite green person, too!

RW said...

sounds like you are settling in nicely.

Meadowlark Days said...

So glad to hear that you are settling into a new place! I enjoyed catching up on your blog after my fall travels and am sending prayers to you.

margaret said...

It's very blue, and the view is fabulous. I hope Cleo is finding her view with good catty interesting things in it. Miss Darcy's view this morning was of the grey, stripey, funny-faced tom - she went into full Queen Victoria meets Valkyrie mode - not amused and on the warpath.

E Helena E said...

Oh, silly me! Eagerly reading your blog too late last night, and then transposing the two apts. together to create a new blue and green larger one.
One step, one shelf, one box at at time...
Tickles to Cleo.

Asheya said...

Hi Elizabeth, nice to read your blog again :) Getting settled is always challenging! For us too, trying to find the best way to store things. I'm so glad we finally have curtains! Thanks for all your comments on my blog. It's nice to know you're thinking of us.

elizabeth said...

hi Everyone,

thanks for your comments! Yes, super cool view; yep blue is an adjustment but my Icons I must say look so beautiful with the deep blue behind them; thankfully the other walls in my apartment are cream so it is a good mix...

Asheya - you are so welcome! I love that I can hear how things are going for you and E and kids over seas! Curtians are so important, hey?!

E-H, no worries and thanks for your love!

Margaret - Cleo is slowly exploring and making new places for herself. She is still however meowing at intervals expressing her dislike of hte change and of the state of now diminishing Thank God chaos!

Maura said...

That Rublev ikon of the Holy Trinity is one of my favourites. . .if I had an entry way, that's exactly where I'd put it. :)

Good Strength for the rest of the settling in.

thegeekywife said...