Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas is here again this year

Today is Christmas
for much of the world.
Due to icy roads I was able to go to my
family's protestant Christmas Eve service
but not an Orthodox Christmas Liturgy.
Of course I was disappointed.
Who would not want to receive Christ in the Eucharist
on Christmas,
if they understood that it is He that they receive!
Nonetheless, I am striving to be thankful for what I do have
and that I am one of the few who will have another chance
at a Christmas liturgy,
since my church in Ottawa is on the old calendar.
What a blessing it was to read various blog posts
by other Orthodox Christians and so read the
sermons and verses from today's feast!
How blessed we are.
I have taken out a lovely bunt cake while my family is at a
Christmas service
(I admit it, I stayed home and did my Orthodox prayers instead)
and soon my family will be home
to the lovely smell of a Christmas cake.
Yesterday my family had their Christmas dinner and party;
it was good to see everyone;
I am also reminded at how much suffering we all have to endure;
some of my family has really been through a lot
lately on the health front.
This weekend Lord Willing I will be at the Orthodox church
that is the place of my chrismation
and my Godmother will be there
and some other dear friends.
And I hope towards the end of next week,
I will again be at the monastery.
How I need to be there.
Blessed Christmas to all!


Pres. Kathy said...

Have a blessed Christmas!!! Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

A blessed Christmas indeed !

Moo! said...

Its a blessing to be able to be with family. Our kids are spread out all over the country and won't all be back until the 29th, so we'll have a late Christmas together then. Cherish these times with them.

margaret said...

It's nice to be with family and I hope they liked the bundt cake you made while staying home for your prayers. Someone told me that monastery food always tastes so good because the nuns pray as they cook, the same, I'm guessing, is true of bundt cakes.

I am hoping to go to a monastery for a while soon but I fear it may be February.

elizabeth said...

Thank you everyone - Pres. Kathy, SP/Moo and Elizabeth!!

Margaret - heheheee. My Mom made the cake!!! I merely took it out of the oven while they were at church! Then I joked to them how I slaved all day, working on that cake! :) It tasted great though, so I bet my Mom prayed too! :) Missed you online! Thanks for stopping by!