Monday, June 08, 2009

Walking Along Life's Path

From a walk near my apartment
I read a great poem
by Madeline L' Engle
The poem spoke of an actor
suddenly in a play
not written by herself;
totally disoriented
the actor learns that
growing up
is learning to play a part in a drama
that someone else is writing.
(I would post the poem, but believe it is still under copyright).
I am being challenged to grow, indeed,
to grow up
in ways I did not see coming.
(Perhaps I should of seen it, but that is a moot point).
I am seeing that I have to be willing to change,
to grow,
without promise of the outcome,
without knowing what my future will be.
All I know is that I have to participate in this change
and wow, can it be hard to do.
Lord have mercy.
Prayers appreciated.


TruthQuestioner said...

Beautifully said Elizabeth! You summarize so well many things which have dawned upon me this past year especially.

The Lord IS merciful and will continue to be so, even as we petition it of Him. Peace!

elizabeth said...

Thanks S. Yes. We are promised that God is merciful. Thank God.