Thursday, June 18, 2009


My class is over.
Paper handed in Monday.
Exam finished tonight.
I have these fears that my Christian read of Milton
(which should not be atypical since Milton was a Christian,
however doctrinally confused about the Trinity;
C.S. Lewis and others talk about Milton
being an Arian)
will be taken poorly.
It is sad, however, to be concerned
that one's reading of literature
may or may not be met
with understanding
I will not know until later, if ever, how I came across.
I did my best;
enjoyed myself;
but am sad at times
at how Christians are seen
how God is misread
how little
there can be towards Christians
earlier Christian Literature.
Lord have mercy.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Well done for completing it all.
I am sure you have done well.

Michelle M. said...

Congratulations on finishing! I am sure you did brilliantly. Don't doubt yourself because you have done your best and that is what is most important

elizabeth said...

Thanks Elizabeth!

Thanks Michelle!

I think my worry has been more that my views would not be accepted, not that they are wrong...

I am feeling a bit better; I am the first to confess that I worry too much...

Yes, in the end the main thing is that I did my best (though I feel that there is always room for improvement)!!