Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tuesday Prayer Request

I am going to a dinner tonight to a library association in town. I know most of the people there (by face at least). Please pray for me that I can have the wisdom and professionalism needed for conversation, etc.

Networks are important for future job possibilities.

I trust that I am still getting the 4 month contract (have yet to hear when I start).

Thank you from my heart for your prayers.


Michelle M. said...

Prayers for a successful evening!

elizabeth said...

Thank you Michelle!

matushkadonna said...

praying to your guardian angel to help you!

elizabeth said...

Thank you Mat. Donna! I must remember to do the same! Thank you!

E Helena E said...

And hope the evening brings insight and enjoyment as well.

elizabeth said...

thank you E-H! much appreciated!