Saturday, June 27, 2009


This week was full of goodness;
brunch and conversation
various friend visits to my home for tea or lemonade.
Yesterday the heavy heat ended;
I enjoyed yesterday and today a cool breeze
when standing on my balcony.
This breeze and coolness seems a deep gift from heaven.
I stand there, enjoying the breeze,
with a sense of waiting.
I am slowly researching various French courses;
there is a possibility of funding to learn French
while I am unemployed.
If this is the avenue that opens, I will have to learn to be disciplined
in learning a language.
Meanwhile a friend is coming over soon for lunch.
Vespers tonight.
May God help us in all things.


E Helena E said...

Glad for you for this week of meeting friends, cooler weather (yes!) and new possibilities on the horizon.

DebD said...

meetings with friends often bring a respite from the usual doldrums for everyday life. I'd love a respite from the heat myself.

Michelle M. said...

Sounds lovely: cooler weather and good friends. :) Hope things work out with the French courses.

RW said...

sounds promising
what is happening on the job front?
have they made a formal offer yet?
could you do both?
study french and do your work contract?

Pres. Kathy said...

It has been so hot here in Chicago that cooler weather sounds so nice. I hope you enjoyed your time with your friend.

elizabeth said...

Thank you everyone for your comments! They are most appreciated.

The heat is back and forth here; gone again at the moment, but the wetness of the recent rain keeps my windows shut for fear of a humid apartment!

I have heard NOTHING at all on the job frount; the classes I am looking into would be for full time studies to be funded while I am unemployed...

I have really enjoyed every minute with various friends this week. Friends are really helping me in this time.

Thank God.

Mimi said...

I agree, talking with friends often helps to clarify and sharpen our thoughts and to break the monotony of life.

elizabeth said...

Yes; this is very true Mimi!