Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prayers for…

A childhood friend’s Mother had brain surgery today; the surgery took hours. Cancer.

Another childhood friend and classmate also has brain cancer – for the second time – his wife is expecting their fourth child. The surgery did not get all of the tumour.

A dear friend’s father has surgery within the next hours – cancer again.

And there are others having tests as well.

The sermon this past Sunday was about joy in suffering as a work of the Holy Spirit.

Lord have mercy; Holy Theotokos save us. St. Nectarios please pray for us.



Michelle M. said...

Lord have mercy! Prayers!

E Helena E said...

I am sorry to hear this.
Lord have mercy!

Mimi said...

Sometimes, I just feel like everyone is going through it at the same time, and I get a bit overwhelmed.

Hugs and prayers to all intentions.

elizabeth said...

Thank you M, E-H and Mimi.

Yes. I feel this way too Mimi; it can be overwhelmeing.

Lord help us all. Amen.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Lord, have mercy !
My prayers for them all.....