Sunday, June 07, 2009


I was talking to a friend about Milton's Paradise Lost and how I heard, in my class, the fear that Heaven would be boring; better to be here on earth where their is death but not boredom. My friend and I did not agree with such a view and her response really struck me.

How could heaven be boring? It will be wonderful - finally the freedom to obey instead of "doing what we do not wish to do."

Oh for such a day.

Lord Jesus, Come! And when You come, Have Mercy.


Michelle M. said...

Great post :) I was just talking to my hubby the other day, saying that I really have no idea what Heaven will be like, but that makes me look forward to it all the more. How wonderful it will be to live in peace!

elizabeth said...

Yes... it will be wonderful!

I once heard trying to understand heaven is like a babe still in his mother's womb trying to comprehend earth.