Saturday, February 14, 2009

This Day

Have been up since around 5 AM. To do well in this day:

1. fish sandwich. fruit. nuts. bread. water.
2. baptism at noon - yay church! and yay taxi to get me there in time over lunch hour.
3. no A/C in tall building at work on weekend. Fans and summer clothes with winter evening going to vespers clothes in bag.
4. prayers and encouragement of others
5. God's mercy


Mimi said...

Enjoy the Baptism! Many Years to the Newly Illumined.

E Helena E said...

Hope the work weekend is going well so far. Was praying for you and also B at church! (Still receive the bulletin).
Glad you could go!

elizabeth said...

I very much enjoyed the baptism; it was incredibly beautiful; and it gave me the strength to finish the rest of my work day.

wow. am I glad that is over...

E Helena E said...


elizabeth said...