Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here Again

Just a quick update - I feel a lot of better - lots of prayers, tears and honest heart searching over a photocopy machine.

I continue to be in a huge life transition. I am still often afraid. I know one of the things I am battling is fear and how to best manage my life.

I feel that I must "make the grade" in this job or I will cease to be a librarian. It would take a long time to explain what I mean, as the library world is quite unfamiliar to most people. But I must learn what I need to learn.

It is going to be hard. Hard on many levels. But I have come to far to give up. There is no one (save God and His ways) financially supporting me. I do not come from a family that has money to lend me - the money is not there. I have school loans, rent to pay, etc.

And I don't have training other than being a librarian. And to be honest I am not a multi-talented person who can easily shift from one profession to another.

So. I am going to have to work harder. And try to cook well too, so I have the energy I need to do the work.

Anyway. That's how it stands. I pray that God will help me and that I can do my best. Thank you for your prayers.


Victoria said...

it's a heavy burden, but as you say, you are not alone.
my prayers are with you.
have you ever tried greens(spriulina) for energy? I started using it during my practicum year when life and work were particularly arduous and I wasn't eating as well as I should.

::Sylvia:: said...

You're in my prayers. You are such a sweet person and God will take care of you. Many prayers and keep your chin up. :)

Philippa said...

Little Rose, life is a heavy burden. Christ's cross was a heavy burden. Like Him, we pick it up. Like Him, there will be a Simon of Cyrene along the way to help carry the cross.

As Blessed Fr. Sophrony used to say, "Take Courage! Be joyful!"

God be with you.

elizabeth said...

thank you - V - where do i get these greens? need to find them

S - thank you. prayers needed and appreciated. thanks.

P - thanks. i appreciate your words. God is so good to me and to us.

E Helena E said...

My heart goes out to you. Thank you for your honesty & sensitivity!
I strive to pray for you daily. God will not abandon you.

RW said...

I hear you.
Sometimes it feels as though the burden cannot get any heavier... last night I lost my wallet in the saveon foods parking lot - DL + credit cards+ debit cards + money + postage stamps + blah blah blah... I was so looking forward to a quiet relaxing evening and it was not to be. But, we do what we gotta do. I am certain you will be just fine. One day at a time.

Michelle M. said...

I'm sorry that you are going through such a rough transition. I pray that God will give you peace.

Mimi said...

I have no words of wisdom, just love, hugs and prayers.

Mimi said...

I have no words of wisdom, just love, hugs and prayers.

elizabeth said...

thank you E-H for your prayers

RW - wow. it is stressful to loose wallet! thanks for your vote of confidence and encouragment

Michelle - thank you for your encouragement and prayers. i can tell that many are praying for me. i indeed need to dwell in God's peace!

Mimi - thanks very much. as they say 'i feel the love' and i really appreciate it.