Sunday, February 08, 2009

Cozy Home - Pictures

I had two lovely friends over on Friday for tea.
Here are two pictures I took before they came:

The silver candle holders I bought at an antique store in Halifax.
The larger candle holder my Mom found
at a garage sale a few years back.

Like my new dining table and 4 chairs? IKEA.
I am really pleased with them.
The table has an extra leaf stored
under the middle of the table,
to sit six people.

I bought the place mats while
I was in Halifax as well.

I do not have a lot of my decorations out yet.
However, here are two that I do have lovingly on display!
My dear friend E-H gave me these two little
handmade Dutch dolls this summer.
I love them there on my little table!
I bought the dusty pink table cloth also
in Halifax over Canadian Thanksgiving.
I was in Halifax for my spiritual big sister's wedding,
at St. George Greek Orthodox Church.
For Christmas I received a lovely poster (from an Icon Museum)
of St. George.
My friend took this picture today,
before I gave the poster
to another friend to be mounted.
This icon I am going to DV have above
my buffet in my dining room area.
I have a lampada from the monastery
that I hope to use for this icon.

St. George please pray for us!
Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy!


Victoria said...

lovely pictures and lovely decor and furniture!

E Helena E said...

Elegant, warm, and cosy and simply lovely! Thank you for sharing.

Would you believe that I found and bought a number of icon postcards at the univ. bookstore yesterday, and one of them is also of St. George! Thought of you.

matushkadonna said...

you have style!

Meadowlark Days said...

Looks so cozy. I'd love to come over for tea.

I'm curious about your bed covering - is it an afghan?

Anonymous said...

So lovely. IKEA is my favorite! Love the chairs especially!

Mimi said...

Your house is so lovely and the perfect place to have tea! I'm glad you enjoyed.

Philippa said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. It gives a nice picture of "you."

elizabeth said...

V - thanks!! glad you like it!

E-H - what icon cards did you get? how exciting! yay for St. George!

MatDonna - thanks! you made my day!

K - wish you could come over for tea! would be fun! Your question - I assume has to do with the little pink table clothed picture - what is next to it is actually part of a single bed futon arm chair - you are seeing the top of the chair. It is from IKEA (the chair and the blanket). IKEA called it a 'throw' really it is a store made Afgan and I love it! I have had it on this chair for a few years now and still love the colours...

T- thanks! I love the chairs too! they add something 'special' to it I think... IKEA is lovely!

Mimi - thanks! homes are good places to be and I am glad I am making mine into one...

P - thanks! yes, our house does usually reflect 'us' ... as we change too...


E Helena E said...

Mother of God of Tenderness Ljubjatovoskaja; St. John the Baptist; the Trinity; Baptism of Christ; Disbelief of St. Thomas; the Saviour; Mother of God of Tikhvin with scenes of Miracles (detail), and Miracle of St. George and the Dragon (detail)

elizabeth said...

wow. a lot of special icons. that's intense! are you going to put them in frames or have them mounted?

I have one of St. Thomas and the Lord showing Himself to St. Thomas... this icon came up in conversation with my priest and how St. Thomas touches Christ's ressurected body - and so all of us can come to faith that St. Thomas is given through touching Christ (i am rearticulating it badly) ... i guess some do not believe that St. Thomas actually touched Christ's body; this is huge, what St. Thomas did!

I have an icon of this that I need
to get mounted one day...

E Helena E said...

Yes, I feel quite overwhelmed. Not sure exactly how/where to have/put them praying about it. That is beautiful about St. Thomas!

elizabeth said...

Yes, it takes time to know where an Icon will go - in time you will know. I do not have all of mine up yet, but have to wait until more is in place... time... and patience and prayer! this seems to cover a lot of life, hey?!