Thursday, February 26, 2009

God's Goodness

I ordered this Icon from 8th Day Books. It was blessed this past Sunday
and is now in my desk area in my small
corporate library.
It is so encouraging to have Icons in the Work Place.
Astounding in someways.

I am learning more for work and am seeing the fruit of it.
Paper due this Monday. Lots of work to do.
Yet I am feeling relieved.
Was at church yesterday night.
So good.
My icon of St. George is in the Alter area now.
One of my closest friends mailed me an icon of
St. Elisabeth the New Martyr.
God has given me such blessings on the Eve of Lent.
Oh to live more in the light of Great and Holy Pasca!
To be greeted by my spiritual father,
vested in white
on earth
as in heaven:


Pres. Kathy said...

What a beautiful icon!

DebD said...

I love that icon.

elizabeth said...

Yes, the Rublev Trinity must be one of the most beloved icons...

Thank God for such depth and beauty!

E Helena E said...

Encouraging news about your work! In reading your words, I now feel I want to bring two of the postcard icons I bought to my work: the Trinity and St. Thomas (who doubted and believed)

elizabeth said...

yes; however i confess that i am still waiting to see all the responses... it is wonderful however!!!