Saturday, February 07, 2009

And then I went to Church

I love Saturday vespers.

Today nothing seemed to work out - well - a few things did - but the weather was damp and bone-chilling and a lot of my plans went wrong.

So... my paper for my class is not done.

It is due in a week, but next weekend is the famed kind of dreaded work-over-valentines-day weekend.

It is a daily battle for me not to panic. I often fail.

But then I go to church. And then was blessed by my spiritual father. And then went out to dinner with two good friends. And now I am home with my Cleo Cat. Have chopped vegetables for a good energy-giving soup.

And I had friends over for tea yesterday. Laundry done and work clothes ready for the week.

Even better - Lord willing I will be in church again tomorrow. We have new Icons and I am overcome with their beauty; so comforting.

Would appreciate prayers (please!!) as this work week is going to be challenging - doing a work project - and working extra hours - etc.

Thank God for His Church and His mercy.


E Helena E said...

May Christ give you strength and peace in the Divine Liturgy tomorrow! With prayers for you for this challenging week ahead.

(Every day panic really is debilitating, isn't it?) May God give us victory!

Anonymous said...

Lord, have mercy. This whole month is a whirlwind of activity, it seems.

Meadowlark Days said...

I'd love to see those icons!

elizabeth said...

T - yes, tons of work - you too?

K - i will see about that - all in time... :) i think i owe you other pictures as well! :)

DebD said...

I agree that going to church is like a balm on the soul. I hope Liturgy the next day was equally soothing.

elizabeth said...

thank you Deb, yes the liturgy was very good.

the challenge for me is to hold on to this; my spiritual father speaks of a Church Father telling us we must gaurd what we have been given in liturgy...

i have a long way to go with gaurding my heart and staying at peace! Lord have mercy!