Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tiny Steps

1. prayed this morning
2. went to work
3. tried not to panic. failed.
4. lunch. icons. trying again.
5. worked late until 6 pm. long day. had to order books for the clients I serve. am glad at least that this is getting done.
6. dinner. called friend. friend sick. prayer lists additions.
7. submitted second assignment. relief. at least it is done.
8. realizing that i have to accept imperfection.

Thanking God. Praying that I do not get sick. Taking Zinc +Vit C lozenges for throat. Bought Total1 Vitamins.

More prayer and thanksgiving needed.


E Helena E said...

If the symptoms are already lurking, have you tried Cold-FX?

elizabeth said...

Sadly when I discussed this med with the pharmacy today, I was advised against this one for various reasons... but was given some other good options!

Victoria said...


elizabeth said...

thank you V. as is said, ...we... i... am saved by other's prayers!

Mimi said...

Cold-Eeze, Airborne, and Ricola. I use a combination of those whenever I start to feel "tickly".