Monday, July 04, 2022

Well, I'm Back


Picture of the church in Michigan where I became Orthodox 18 years ago this August. 

My Husband and I had a month long adventure... we drove to Michigan the Friday of Memorial Day weekend... it was one of the best trips out we've had yet.  Thank God we left early and missed the storms...

My beloved worked remotely (a new perk because of the pandemic) most of the time he was there... he drove back by himself (we were all praying!) as I had to be at my foster-nephew's birthday party this past weekend... and I had a wonderful long monastary visit that was a real balm to my heart... the birthday party went well... and I met some of the now 3 year old's birth family and that went well... it's not easy (the grief) and I can't write about it more but I can say that I have a lot of hope and am praying a lot about this. 

I got some great advice (and research time!) for my writing project at the Monastery... I can't tell you what a deep blessing that time was... I only can wish everyone would have such blessings! 

I got back last night... my Husband picked me up... and today he helped me put the pantry back to rights... we had to empty much of it so that we could have our AC fixed back in May! 

I really felt like I had a journey this past month, and a lot of it was grieving what we hoped for (an adopted newphew) and adjusting to how things were going. I definetly had a lot of grieving and processing.  Thanks to everyone who has left comments and/or prayed for me (and family) about this...

I feel like my head is back on straight.  Now tomorrow DV I hope to finish cleaning the house (mostly done now! that pantry was a lot of work!).  And then I have to get back to my writing project.

I am mostly off Instagram right now (sorry about that) but I realized that I need to devote more time to the writing project and Instagram is quite addictive for me and I would lose too much time on it.  And I feel very called to my writing project and realized I could not do everything. 

Well, that's what's going on in my world.  I pray that God will have mercy on all of us and save us!


Granny Marigold said...

It's great to see a post from you and to know that you're doing okay!

Becki said...

There are certainly words of hope here. Foster parenting is loving most unselfishly and being the hands and feet and heart of Jesus. The results of it will simply sometimes not be seen on this side of eternity. My heart goes out to all.

Gloriade said...

It's a hard thing your family is experiencing here. Praying You will all find comfort in each other and in the Lord as you go through this painful transition.