Monday, April 09, 2018

Pascha and Bright Monday in MI

Pascha was good, beautiful.
I held onto my wooden beads when I would
feel a bit weepy about my +Aunt Karen;
overall it was a very joyful service for me with 
many beautiful moments.
My flight home today was smooth and quick.
I went to my +Aunt Karen's visitation tonight.
A big loss, unquestionably.
One of my father's cousins is familiar with Russia
and Orthodoxy and I was able to explain what a 
Bright Week funeral would have been like and that was 
nice and very unexpected to be understood,
as my family is respectful of Orthodoxy but do not know 
a lot about it (not something we discuss at length).
 Anyway, that was nice for me.... and not surprisingly,
my family and extended family and my Aunt Karen's side of the family
(she is married to my Dad's brother) is so warm and welcoming as well.
It will be hard to say goodbye
but am grateful it is bright week.
I am grateful that my family loves Christ so much.... that they know that
we grieve with HOPE.
I am going to wear my red jacket and my white skirt,
just like I wore on Pascha....


Tracy said...

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen! :))) So very glad you have been able to feel the Pasch JOY while in the midst of heartache... And glad all went well with your travels home and now having nice time with your family for the goodbye your Aunt Karen. VERY much admiring your courage... God Bless you all! Wishing you a blessed Bright Week... With LOVE, In Christ--Tracy ((HUGS))

Lisa Richards said...

The hope we have in Jesus is everything! Sounds like a blessed week and lots of good family time. God bless!

Emmie said...

Christ is Risen! Memory eternal to your aunt. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us here in such honesty. Your aunt sounds like a deeply wonderful person and I know you must miss her.