Monday, April 23, 2018

Weekend + A Sunny Monday in NYC

Saturday night Mr Husband and I tried a new restaurant, it was good! 
I got the blue/teal dress today, really good price and I used a gift card that
had an extra 10% savings too!
Trying to figure out summer outfits with that pink jacket. 
I was in NYC today, it was wonderful weather,
cool, breezy, sunny... 
I was crazy as always and got a bunch of stuff at the Container Store, 
including storage things for fridge/freezer/linen closet/clothes closet.
It was crazy because I took that big bag home on the PATH.
On Sunday we went out for ice cream with a dear Romanian priest
and his 15 year old daughter....
I had a a cinnamon and chocolate ice cream cone, very delicious! 

We still have the same old unbloggable stuff.
I think we will for the next months.
I had breakfast with Mr Husband this morning,
it was really nice.
I had dinner with my lovely friend Heather who was visiting NYC 
for a very special weekend! 
It was God's blessing and timing that we got to see each other,
last minute! 

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Martha said...

That new restaurant makes delicious looking food! Are those grilled apple slices on the one plate?