Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tuesday you missed the memo that it is not Monday

Whew. What a day.
So I got out of jury duty just before lunch time
and was free to go home.
Then I spend the next few hours with phone errands 
that were comical in how bad they were.
Suffice to say that I think everything is working out now.
Do you ever have it where you just want one thing to go right
when lots of things seem to be going wrong?
I know enough to not compare suffering or apologize for my own.
I totally get the whole I am part of the Western privileged very rich
compared to the rest of the world etc etc. 
Anyway, my +Aunt Karen is gone and I miss her and want to do so much
more for my family and don't even have the time at present. So that's a 
gaping hole and sadness.
The unbloggable stuff is still ongoing and I am just wore out with it.
All I want from this week is to look nice for my friend's 
very special event with reception and dinner.
We will see if this will actually happen, as the hat I ordered,
the haircut I am getting and such....
I am just having a hard time accepting that life is still 
hard because of the unbloggable things 
and even my dreamed of trip to Ottawa is now
on the rocks and probably not happening because of 
the unbloggable.
I've not seen my godson in over 3 years now. 
There's just nothing I can do about it right now.
Tomorrow I hope is a better day.
The woman who cut my hair is no longer there
so a new person is going to do my hair.
I really hope it works out.
I am glad no concern is outside the care of God.
So many are on my heart.
So much.
Lord have mercy and help us!


Lisa Richards said...

I hope your new hairdresser turns out to be fabulous! And that this unbloggable situation is somehow resolved. Meanwhile, I hope God gives you growth through it. Easy to say, I know. Have a blessed week. :)

Mat. Anna said...

So many hugs and prayers... ❤️