Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wednesday: the Sun Shone and I saw flowering trees

While it took 2 more phone calls in the morning,
my new hat was hand delivered today,
before my hair appointment.
I was really pleased with my new haircut.
I have naturally curly hair and with a little
finger curling and some product, and a diffuser,
it can curl nicely. 
And it was sunny.
I saw flowering trees.
I also listened 2x to Motzart's requiem. 
The special event is tomorrow.
To try to keep Pascha with me,
esp as I was away for all of Bright Week,
I have been trying to not wear much dark clothing,
as even a Bright Week Funeral is very Paschal and Bright.
Not that my Aunt Karen had this exactly since she was not
Orthodox.. but it is still her Easter Season too...
The unbloggable is still there.
But I am trying to have it not steal the enjoyment of moments that are 
nice, like being in the pretty neighbouring town and having my yearly 
haircut.... and I felt like I was more settled and less sad in terms of leaving 
Ottawa over 5 years ago; when I first got my hair cut here, I was still 
really missing my hairdresser there and now it's better and that is great.
Funny moment, when I was discussing with the hairstylist/s about
to have my hair down or pulled back, I pulled it back as I was asking
and they all said quickly "pulled back!!!"... it was really funny/cute/kind/nice.
Well. Tomorrow I get to wear my new outfit and just have fun with it.
We've had a lot of stress and sadness and so just having a special event to 
go to and seeing friends is going to be so very welcome....


Lilly's Mom said...

Your hair is beautiful dear Elizabeth! I hope you have a wonderful time. Wishing you all the best, Pat 💐

Tracy said...

How BEAUTIFUL is your hair, Elizabeth! And how sweet is that hat! An occasion to wear a pretty dress and a hat too... ENJOY!! A hat occasion is very rare. ;) Give yourself today to truly enjoy. So much you've had on your plate lately. God bless you, my friend! :) ((HUGS))

Mat Anna said...

Your hair turned out beautifully!! And of course I love the hat. 😊

Take joy where you can find it! ❤️

Lisa said...

What a better thing it'll be for you to be able to have your hair be more "itself", and perhaps you'll have less to do with it. :)

Lisa Richards said...

Beautiful hair and hat! You ladies who finger curl and use "product" are way out of my league, lol. Enjoy the beautiful spring and all that is good. :)

Anonymous said...

Christ is risen!

I'm glad there are some nice things to look forward to/ experience even in the midst of difficulty.

May the Mother of God be with you!

elizabeth said...

Dear Mat C: thanks so very much! Yes, I am grateful for this also! May the Mother of God be with us both!