Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Holy Week Hurdles

First, my friend A. bought me this shawl that Mat Anna made
and gave it to me before I left for CA+ AZ.  And yes, that's me 
in the picture...anyway... back to the shawl! 
I love it and did not have time before now to show it to you all! 
Mat Anna makes beautiful things!
(I should know, we gave one to our last 2 godchildren!!!)
OK. Soooooo... Holy Week has what we Orthodox Christians like to call
'temptations'.... they are often an unexpected challenge - from things breaking,
to interpersonal conflict, to super stressful things, accidents, injury or even
tragedy.  They come, sometimes, in spades. And of course
there are years in one's life that are heavy on these things.
I am very blessed in that we are right now in good health - my cold seems to be gone -
we don't have the flu - but .... I too have been a bit blindsided by things.
My Aunt Karen, who I visited in early March, is dying.
They tried a medical procedure, it was not effective.
It is clear that she has good care, she's just very ill and 
there's no much more that can be done.
She is in ICU still I believe and we are going to lose her,
probably this week but only God knows. 
So that's super HARD.
She is a very beloved Wife, Mother, Aunt, Grandmother...
She's super special to me personally.
I am SO VERY GLAD I got to see her 2x in MI in early March.
Grief and loss is hard.
And our ongoing unbloggable stress just ramped up to another new level.
Lots of unknowns. I can't really talk about it other than to say that
and that thank God it is not an issue in our marriage or family and not 
a health concern as much as a stress-concern in other areas. 
But, I know that many are having huge struggles, 
we are by no means alone or having the worst of them.
Of course it is best to not compare to others right?
Rather, look to Christ and for His mercy.
The thing that temptations also entail is that they can shift/throw off one's focus
on Christ completely... it's Holy Week...
I just pray that God can help me be present to the services as much as 
I can be able to and that He will carry us all to HIS glorious Pascha. 


Martha said...

You look lovely...your hair has gotten long and more curly, I think. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. So nice you were able to spend time with her last month. May God give you strength to tackle all the diffuculties.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My prayers for both of you, and for your dear aunt. xxxx

Lisa Richards said...

Praying for the hard challenges in your life, and peace for your family as your aunt makes her way home to heaven. Have a blessed week. I do like that shawl!

Tracy said...

What a treat to see you--part of you, anyway! ;) How lovely is your hair!!??!! And what a beautiful gift is that shawl! The earthy colors suit you, and that lightly ruffled edging is such a pretty finish--wow! Holy Week can be tough, can't it?! All the good we try to do and be, suddenly can become very vulnerable during Holy.... and just life happenings, this out of our control, can happen, and try to weaken our defenses. It reflects how much we need Lent in the first place! ;) Oh, but I am sad that there is no hope for your Aunt K getting well again, that it is just a matter of time. It is so hard! :( I'm so glad you were able to have some time with her. May God offer you the strength you need in the times ahead, and for all of life sitting on your plate. God Bless you my friend... and your continued journey to Pascha this week! ((HUGS))

Paula said...

I'm so sorry. Can your Aunt go home or will they keep her at the hospital? I'm so glad you got more time to visit with her and that her family knows it's coming. Losing Colin's mom was so suddenly it made it that much harder. I know about your other problems and I know you will work it out. Holding you all in my prayers.