Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Cleaning Day + Organizing and Planning Breakfast and Dinner

Finally, a bath! Began a new bar of soap, a gift from a 
kind dear local friend!

I am really excited to be planning both breakfast and dinner for 
our goddaughter's Mom and goddaughter! 
I have quite the menu dreamed up, will report back DV later
about the success of it... I am hoping to have a lot of it made a day in advance
so that it is not overly hard to do the day of... 
I have 4 breakfast recipes from Marion Cunningham's book planned 
plus some other things... I want to make basically an amazing breakfast feast!
I love breakfast .... 

I've had a lot of travel and a lot of Mr Husband working late.... 
so I was excited to make this meal for the two of us....
....boiled potatoes, a few coconut scrimp from Trader Joes + their Indian spiced veggie burgers 
with half of an excellent hamburger bun and spinach for our salad! 
I've had 1 meal a day with Mr Husband all week and it's so nice!
I am still feeling the loss of my +Aunt Karen; 
I guess I always will, but it is still early days.
I ordered some organizational things for our garage freezer, 
which is often a huge mess, and I am so excited to get better
organized... I got a corner shelf for the bathroom too....
coming Friday..... hopefully that will work out well!
I feel like I am having some more normal days and they just feel so good.
I did need a short nap late this afternoon though,
whew, cleaning and the like is work and I am still regrouping 
from losing a lot of sleep in Holy Week and the week I was in MI.
But things are slowly taking a new/old form, like a kaleidoscope that
makes new pictures but uses the same pieces...
I guess one of the big pieces for me is cooking and baking 
and planning a dinner party and breakfast too is a real joy.... 


Nancy said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know what DV means?

Mat Anna said...

How lovely!! I’m glad you have so many sources of little joys lately. 😊 And I love beginning a new bar of soap!

elizabeth said...

Hi Nancy, many don't, I wrote a post about this before but am happy to tell you: it means Lord Willing (from Latin) ... see my post here and thanks for the visit and comment! you are most welcome here!

Mat Anna said...

It’s short for Deo Volente, Latin for “God willing”.

Nancy said...

Thank you to both of you for letting me know.