Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Preparing for my goddaughter and her Mom to come DV this weekend

 After saying I really needed to order some new hangers,
for about 5 years, I finally got some.
I love the pant/skirt 5-skirt hanger + I got some "felt lined" type
hangers that *finally* my wider neck shirts/sweaters do not fall off of.
So that's great. 

Breakfast Tea :)

Gift for my goddaughter, dresses from gift shop at Holy Dormition Monastery... 
I managed to get the box and do the bow and ribbons myself... 

Some cute little plastic totes (made in Israel) for my godkids + Munchkin
with things from St John from my visit to SF CA back in March! 


I finally changed the table cloth from dark green to white
for the Paschal season :) 
I did a lot of tidying/sorting/preparing today for my 
goddaughter and her Mom's visit later this week... 
Tomorrow is cleaning + laundry day.
I got recipes for our dinner on Saturday... 

Now I just have the get the ingredients and plan the prep time needed! 
Meanwhile, not surprising after leaving for NYC about 8 AM and arriving back close to 7 PM,
yesterday, today I was tired.... :) 
Well, one thing at a time.
I managed to get the guestroom/library/chapel ready, 
put away a bunch of stuff, prepared gifts and got a handle on the menu for Saturday.
I'd say that's a lot right there!
Today was the first day I really had to myself in weeks; between 3 trips (MI/CA-AZ/MI) 
in 1.5 months, exhaustion/sickness before Holy Week, and last week
being gone everyday (Wednesday being home in AM only), it's 
no wonder I am feeling a bit weary + had no time before today to just be home.
I am reading for the first time L'Engle's Acceptable Time and it's nice to read.
I am definitely going to need some down time/more reading time soon.
Hopefully next week.... 
but as God wills... 


Lisa Richards said...

L'Engle's books are fun, light reading. Glad you're getting some rest time. Have a good visit!

Mat. Anna said...

Oh, what darling dresses!!

Elizabethd said...

Your god daughter's dresses are so pretty. Hope your visit is enjoyable.