Thursday, December 18, 2014

{Hospitality at Home} ~ A Ladies Nativity Fast Tea

Chocolate glazed and chocolate raspberry cupcakes,
chocolate and chocolate chip with raspberry cookies.

Lemon, two coconut creamers, sugar.

Teas: Prince Vladimir, Camomile Lavender, Christmas Chai, Orange Pekoe, Coffee.

Grandma's dishes, various tea pots, my Oma's tea cozies,
plus the one I was given as a wedding gift...

The tea tray is from IKEA.

Koek and wonderful chocolate cake!

Cake was a lovely addition!!! 

We gathered together, all 8 of us, 
with our local Matushka and talked about
what it means to be an Orthodox woman, married, 
working Mothers with
children, how things have changed, raising children,
homemaking traditions. 
It was so lovely and I do hope we can have another
in the new year...
building community is so important and needed in our lives.
And to come together as Christians,
and of course to have tea....


karen said...

beautiful celebration and the sense of community is so important to being happy and healthy!

Paula said...

Looks like a wonderful evening!

Lisa said...

Yes, it's good to get together and support each other.

E Helena E said...

I feel filled with peace and joy when I see these photos. I am happy that you are finding community and support there.

Anonymous said...

That would be a nourishing tradition indeed, if you can do it in the future. Your tea cozies are so charming...well, *everything* is charming!!

Matushka Anna said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful and I wish I had been able to be there!!

Apseed said...

I love your tea parties. Everything is so charming and cozy!