Friday, December 19, 2014

Saint Nicholas Day...

St. Nicholas Eve we met dear friends for dinner
and gave small gifts.
Mr. Husband and I somehow got both sets of our car 
keys locked in the car but thankfully help came 
within the hour.
And so we could all go to vigil for St. Nicholas day.

Church is always so beautiful at night...

The oil we were anointed with last night was so fragrant... 

St. Nicholas the much loved!

It was a lovely service.
We went to liturgy in the morning and handed out
cookies and things of dried cherries.
In return we were given some lovely ginger muffins and 
other surprises!

I am so grateful for St. Nicholas and all
the help he gives us!
I read this book to children last night and this morning
and it is simple and lovely.


margaret said...

That is a very lovely church.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Lovely <3

Emily H. said...

Very pretty pictures!

Apseed said...

Very beautiful church! And happy St. Nicholas day!