Friday, December 26, 2014

Towards True Light...

When I did my many book orders for my church
for Christmas and St. Nicholas day ordering,
plus normal spiritual reading that we do,
I finally ordered for Mr. Husband and I a 3 year 
subscription to The Orthodox Word,
a journal I have long loved.
They sent an extra copy with our first issue,
this one to be exact:

and the talks by St. Barsanuphius have 
been just what I needed to read.
A challenge but also an encouragement
to keep up the Christian Struggle.
Something I've been struck with and find myself thinking on
throughout the day is the concept and understanding he 
speaks of in terms of heaven and hell starting now,
with what we put and allow in our souls.
Are we working on eradicating anger, greed, selfishness,
which make heaven absent in the soul...
One of the themes I am noticing is that 
we struggle and fall but if we keep struggling as a 
Christian and thinking about eternity and the current and 
future state of our souls ... and turn to Christ in that struggle,
we will be saved. 
It's at once heady and challenging reading,
but that which gives clarity, encouragement and a light to go 
towards, a Light that really is there.
I am so thankful for such words.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

The Light that is really there! That is what the journey is all about isn't it ... coming to know ever more clearly just how real ... to "attain to the unity of the faith and the knowledge of Thine unapproachable glory" as it says in the Prayer of the Hours.

Martha said...

I think we made that little Nativity ornament for you, on the right side! ♥ We had a very special day today, I'll put together a post tomorrow...we met Sister Vassa, who came to speak at the St. Herman's youth conference, and Metropolitan Jonah came, too.

elizabeth said...

Martha, how neat!! will look forward to reading about this! Yes, that is the lovely Nativity ornament you made for us! I think it's so cute there on the kids bookshelf :))))

Sara, yes, that light really is there! the Lord is so merciful!