Monday, December 01, 2014

{Preparing for Nativity} ~ cleaning and changing out the lampadas

I woke early again today.
Lots going on these days; many friends on my mind,
joys, sadness, losses, sudden upsets: life. 
I am so glad for the life I have and that I am 
building traditions for our home.
One of these is changing out the clear votive candle holders
for red ones, both kinds I use to burn oil in as lampadas
 by my icons in our dining area of our home. 

I was sure to keep some tall candles lit while I was in the 
process; I always want candles or lampadas lit in my home
for prayers that are for many people and needs...

I find esp. with the big fasts, 
the 40 day Nativity Fast and the Fast of Great Lent,
that once they are here I am so relieved. 

A chance to clean, to make better,
to look into one's soul a bit more,
to ask the Lord to make all the crooked strait in oneself,
to ask for mercy as we look towards the great Feasts of Christmas,
Theophany and Pascha...

All the lampadas are changed now,
the clear ones are clean and drying on the counter.
Today is a day that my heart and mind are so full of so many things.
I hope to do more baking today; the Saint Nicholas cookie baking has begun.
I am working on bookstore orders for my church,
thinking of the many feasts we have coming.
Next Sunday is St. Katherine's day already! 
I am so grateful for this season of the year!
God is merciful to us!
God Immanuel comes at Christmas time...
Here's how I do my lampadas, FYI.
What are your traditions in this Nativity Fast/Advent time?
Would love to hear!


Paula said...

I love your candles and lampadas. I wish I could do something like that. I have no where safe and I don't think Colin would like a candle always burning.

elizabeth said...

Paula, thanks!

Not many leave a lampada burning all the time bur I do know some; often if you have a hanging lamp or a corner shelf that is up high, there is less risk of an accident/fire etc.

otherwise, perhaps the electric / battery-powerdtea lights would work for you?

Nancy said...

I'm still trying to figure out how/where to set up my icon corner(s) in my new home. It's more open so there are fewer walls to hang icons on and less space for bookshelves. I need an icon corner feng shui consultant. Elizabeth, maybe that could be a new career for you: icon corner organizer!

Anna said...

Another solution I find helpful is candle lanterns - if they are knocked over, generally the tealight spills and drowns itself, and there is little opportunity for a spark to contact anything outside the lantern. They still need free space above them, and the top will get hot, but much safer as an actual fire risk than an open candle holder.

karen said...

beautiful! I've been reading a advent reflection booklet printed by magnificat as well as daily mass readings.

elizabeth said...

Nancy ~ it can really take time to figure these things out! the main thing is to have some icons out somewhere while you figure it out!

Anna ~ that's a good point!

Karen ~ how lovely! it's so good to do these readings!

T.J. said...

Your tradition of lampadas is just beautiful! My Grandmother used to have a candle for St Joseph constantly burning in her house. I want to model that, but not just let as I have 2 young boys and no great place to keep a line of candles. Instead we hang the icons high and I light incense daily. Such a beautiful, peaceful space- I can tell even from way out here in blogland ;)

elizabeth said...

thanks TJ! I am grateful for our home and icons! nice meeting you! Your Grandmother sounds lovely.

Apseed I said...

I always love to read about your icon corner. Our icon corner is not so big, but I really treasure it. Each icon is very special to me!