Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Kindness of my Husband...

After a slew of busy busy days, 
I was exhausted.
Between goodbyes to our goddaughter's family,
Christmas preparations and general business,
I had been home all day and not gone out,
so very tired. 
And then my husband chatted me about him
coming home and would I like to go out
to our favourite diner for dinner? 
Unsure, as I was tired,
I looked through pretty pictures on Habit and 
realized that I would indeed
like dinner out.
So we went, both of us got pasta with shrimp dishes
and now I have enough left overs for some great lunches.
I am so grateful for my thoughtful
Mr. Husband.


T.J. said...

A very thoughtful husband and a well deserved dinner out! Yum :)

karen said...

I never say no to dinner out ;) Glad you had an outing that was restorative and time spent together!

Emily H. said...

What a good guy you have!
My husband is taking us out for dinner tonight! :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes dinner out is the very best medicine! Sweet husband! :)