Monday, September 30, 2013

Tea with a friend

These flowers by St. John were
lovingly brought by my first local friend
whose kindness has continued to bless me!

They are beauties from her own garden.
Such a lovely posy!

We had tea;
gave her this tea cup to drink from;
my Grandma and I found it at an antique mall
when I was nearly 25...

I had these tea cups,
all different ones that we found,
6 of them or so --
sent to BC where I was going to school at the time.
I did my first high tea for my 25th birthday
with dear friends in attendance!
Believe it or not, I only had a toaster oven,
a small one, but I made little cookies with it
for the tea!
And the cutest little sandwiches...
seems like such a long time ago;
if 12 or so years is long, then it is so...
but somehow it seems short and long at the same time...

We used a sugar and creamer that my Grandma
and I found on another trip shopping together...

Two teapots and tea cozies were used...

It was such a lovely time of
excellent conversation about a variety of Christian topics
and we knitted too!
My friend's yarn was so beautiful!
She recommended an emerald colour for the cowl;
so far I have magenta, emerald, grey and cream colours
mentioned or seen in patterns online...
I guess we will have to see what I can find! 

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