Tuesday, September 10, 2013

St. Elizabeth the New Martyr

Mr. Husband and I have
this wonderful book on St. Elizabeth the New Martyr
I am hoping to read it over the next while.
Reading lives of Saints is so important to keep our eyes
on Christ and to provide encouragement to us.

Causing meekness, humility and love to dwell in thy soul,
Thou didst earnestly serve the suffering,
O holy passion-bearer Princess Elizabeth;
Wherefore, with faith thou didst endure sufferings and death for Christ,
with the martyr Barbara.
With her pray for all who honor you with love.


Taking up the Cross of Christ,
Thou didst pass from royal glory to the glory of heaven,
Praying for thine enemies, O holy martyr Princess Elizabeth;
And with the martyr Barbara thou didst find everlasting joy.
Therefore, pray ye in behalf of our souls.
~found here.
Akathist to St. Elizabeth found here.
I have long loved this Saint who
like so many of us
converted to Orthodoxy as adults.
May we have her loving prayers!


mamajuliana said...

Thank you for the information on the book. Saint Elizabeth is our daughter's patron saint! I just ordered it from Holy Trinity Bookstore in Jordanville. Oh, and Happy First Anniversary! Many Many more!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I have this book in an old edition! May it be a blessing to you and Mr Husband!