Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday and a Lazy Day Cherry Pie

This head cold of mine
made me glad yesterday that
all I had to do for the cherry pie
was take the two pre-made crusts out of the

carefully made strips out of the one,
when it had thawed a bit....

While just out of the freezer I carefully
coaxed the other pie shell out of the tin and
into the glass pie pan.
Two cans of cherry pie made a brimmingly full
pie that I then made the lattice for.

I read up on how I did
the chicken dinner with pie 
almost a year ago
and did the same trick on the lattice this time,
as Mark Bittman suggested:
milk brushed on and then sugar sprinkled.
Makes for a quickly golden crust.

Followed the cans directions for baking.

Once the pie began to be golden
I took it out.
My plan is to bake it a little longer to
make it more golden,
then keep it in the warmed but no longer
baking oven until it is time to enjoy.
Hot cherry pie, golden, with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.
And that is my lazy day cherry pie.
Speaking of ice cream,
did you know that store bought ice cream used to be more of a
novelty?... I saw this evidenced in an old children's book 
I got at a library sale in Ottawa,
where the beloved cleaning woman makes up a quick dinner
including real store bought ice cream.
I must say, I am loving every
hint of the way things were years ago
or even how they were idealized into such books
such as this pollyanna book, written in 1939 during a time of
war and rationing.
I admit that I have been enjoying this very light read
while pondering the lack of inner life evidenced...
I keep thinking that I will do more baking and
will learn to do a pie crust from scratch but for now,
I am grateful that I could bake something for
tonight's meal and first book club.
We are reading GK Chesterton Orthodoxy.
As for the which way to bake a chicken,
thanks for all your comments yesterday!
I decided that I would prepare the chickens in advance.
Mr. Husband cut the onion and garlic while I got the chicken's ready
to be stuffed with the onion and herbs,
then garlic put under the skin and buttered inside and outside
the skin and salt and peppered, with a bit of dry
summer savory.
They are small organic chickens and resting in the fridge
 until later this afternoon
when I will roast them.
My nose is no longer gushing forth the
 need for boxes and boxes of Kleenex!
Still stuffed up but it is a marked improvement!
I have disinfected the house once yesterday
(handy Clorox wipes) and intend on doing so again today!
I used latex gloves when baking and preparing the chicken
and am washing my hands frequently.
My goal is to have this head cold stop with me!
Hope to show you the meal and that the chicken's worked out perfectly...


Martha said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Michelle M. said...

I hope you feel better! The pie looks lovely... and tasty!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That pie has me craving for one right now......praying for a quick recovery for you, dear friend!