Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday ~ Eve of a Feast

God willing Mr. Husband and I will be at
the Feast for the Nativity of the Mother of God
We are holding many people close to our hearts
who are suffering.
I must say that I am still trying to get my sea legs
in a sense;
by which I mean that I feel that I am still trying to
get oriented to new things here;
getting mono in February,
after much holiday traveling and the like,
and then not recovering fully or there abouts till August,
and then having BC trip, family over and then an Ottawa trip
which of course then I got that head cold that
is slowly leaving.
But this leaves me to the present.
I really want to have a better routine for myself.
For various reasons that Mr. Husband and I have,
I am not looking for full time work;
I am still rather learning new skills...
baking, cooking, cleaning, knitting; perhaps sewing;
I still have to master some of the transit systems
and figuring out how to get places.
When I talk to the monastics I have known for years,
they just say that it takes time for things to come clear,
to settle into new shapes, as it were.
I did not realize that it takes more than 1 year but apparently
it does.
And it seems that I often try to make an effort to do more,
or go somewhere, or make plans
and they never work out or often do not.
I find it takes a lot of patience,
and most of all patience in bearing with my own self
through all of these changes and trying to
start over and learn to be a wife and live down here,
away from all that I held so dear in Ottawa.
Guess I have to remind myself that
 we did do something this week;
the book club;
it is more the hours during the day that I wish for a bit more
to do and it is such a challenge to actually do something.
Not to mention a friend near by that I could visit
during the day...
I really miss my sister-friend and others in Ottawa
who are SAHM who I could spend time with...
Hope to report that next week
I have done something new and that somehow
a routine gets better established.
Of course I am thankful for the
many good things in my life...


Matushka Anna said...

When I finally got to stay home from full-time work and be a SAHM, I almost didn't know what to do with myself. I had figured that after a couple weeks I'd have it figured out. NOPE! It took at least a year and more before I had really internalized that I was at home. Of course, there was a move involved, shortly after I left work (like yours) that threw things out of whack too. You're doing a lot! That book club/dinner party was really great! I wish you had a close friend too. Goodness knows I miss that myself.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Be patient with yourself, dear friend - it takes far longer to settle into new areas, new homes and new ways of living than one would think possible.

GretchenJoanna said...

Considering that you have been ill and in a very "low gear" for much of your first year of marriage, it's a testimony of the Lord's grace and the perseverance of both you and your husband that you are thriving as much as you are. I'm so glad you don't *have* to work outside your home on top of it. God bless you, dear little rose!

Martha said...

Happy feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos! ♥ I hope you feel better soon.