Monday, September 09, 2013

To my husband on our first anniversary

I remember this day
that was a day outside of time.
I remember waking early
so excited;
going to church with roses to put by
all the icons;
our wedding day;
the day I got to decorate the church with roses
for our wedding.
The day I was your bride.
We waited a long time for each other.
My Only One.
The only one I dated,
the only one I feel for so deeply
the only one who when you asked me
to marry you
I felt a joy, a newness that was just ours.
My spiritual father told us early that
when a couple is married a new
entity is born in the world,
never to be before or since.
And here we are.
I remember coming up those steps with S. carrying my train
my Dad and I talking and then
entering the church to be betrothed to you!
I remember you smiling so happy,
I remember that I never smiled so widely all day as I did
on our wedding day.
"Radiant Bride" is what my dear friends and church family said I was!
I remember our laughter,
the family all together and the icons, the beauty,
the light; the priests singing the service so beautifully.
Our crowns that now hang above our bed
were given to us that day!
I remember the prayers,
how our hands were gently tied together
walking around the table,
crowns newly on our heads,
praying, praying!
the day I prayed would happen
was here:
the day I married you,
My love, My dearest Heart,
My Husband.


matushka constantina said...

*Sniff* Congratulations! *Sniff*

E Helena E said...

I remember that smile and that beautiful day! Many years!
Love to you.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Beautiful! God grant you Many Years!!

Apseed I said...

Happy First Wedding Anniversary!