Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remember the hope we have in prayer

"This is how Valerian begins the biography of his companion,
St. Pontius: "Who can believe, if God does not grant it?
Who can lead a life of asceticism, if the Lord does not help?
Who can receive the wreath of martyrdom, if Christ does not give it?"
God can do all and God wills all that is for the salvation of men,
 if only men pray to Him.
By prayer, St. Nonna converted her husband Gregory and her son,
Gregory the Theologian, to Christianity.
By prayer, Monica brought Augustine back
from a wayward life to the path of good works and faith.
By prayer, St. Basil converted his teacher Evulios.
By prayer, King Hezekiah prolonged his life for fifteen years.
By prayer, St. Simeon the Stylite
turned back the Persians and Scythians that
they not attack the land of Greece with an army already prepared.
 Furthermore, all the stars in the heavens
will be more readily counted then all the miracles
worked on earth by prayer."
~Prolog of Ohrid August 5

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