Sunday, September 01, 2013

Family Visiting!

Mr. Husband and I had a blessed
Feast of the Holy Dormition of the Mother of God
this past Wednesday!
These are flowers from that day that were
blessed there!

We had family visiting this week!
Sweet corn and wonderful Greek (take-out) food
was enjoyed!

We saw NYC.
I took this picture on Thursday...

We walked to the Strand Bookstore
and on the way found the
knitting shop that I first
learned to knit at!
Impressive window display!

Saw this sweater.
Of course one of the employees was
trying to convince me to pick up
crocheting too...
Now if only I could find a cool belt like that
and a jacket pattern I could make!

A real life knitted underwater scene...

We had crepes,
strawberries, real whipped cream...
Dinner was savory crepes of
organic turkey bacon and mozzarella cheese
and dessert crepes with
cream, strawberries...

We had another dinner of pancakes with
maple syrup
and a salad for Mr. Husband...

Fruit, cream, chocolate and tea.
A very lovely combination...
One evening there was ice cream...
Apparently Cleo wanted some too! :)
We had such a great time together!
And on Friday they helped me with further
organization and nesting of
Mr. Husband and I's home...
I am so excited to show you the improvements in
a future blog-post,
God willing!
Have a blessed Sunday and Labour Day weekend!
We have more visits with friends and the like in the next
two weeks...
so if I am not as present via the blog world,
please know that DV I will be back! :)


Michelle M. said...

That sounds like such a wonderful time- and the food all sounds so tasty!

I'm so glad that you are feeling well enough now to do things like this. Glory to God!

Matushka Anna said...

YUM!!! I need to eat at YOUR house! :D

That all sounds positively delightful. :) Sure, learn crocheting too! What the heck? (c;

(That store window is *incredible*...)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

We love reading about your house, your food, your knitting and your cat, and most of all, our family loves you !

I really quite fancy an underwater scene for my house :-)