Saturday, September 01, 2012


The move took longer than I had hoped.
I am at my sister-friend's house
and her kids are with me on the couch
and my Godson is with me!!! 
My Orthoman is coming today.
The hope is that as is now planned
the girl will get the twin bed today.
I was determined to try to clean my house
as much as possible.
It was not easy
as I am very tired.
Some of my very good friends kept me
company on the phone.
So I have said goodbye to my little blue apartment.
My life is going towards marriage! 
8 days now.
Thank you for your prayers.


Nicole said...

This is an exciting time! May God grant everything goes smoothly up until the big day!

Matushka Anna said...

Exciting indeed! Prayers to see you through the last few days of preparations. (:

Cristina said...

Wonderful times! God bless you in all you are doing! Much love!