Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cleo and Sunday...

The picture of Cleo as promised. :)
Well, life continues down here.
It's pretty busy...
lots to figure out, do and plan.
It is Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend and
I will be God-willing hosting a small dinner party
here in my new home with my DH.
Lots to do to get ready for this;
meal already planned;
now I just have to get everything ready...
It's great to have a social event to plan...
Today was a special birthday of an Ottawa friend...
I am greatful for the internet
in times like these.
It is odd to suddenly have a very new life
and know that everywhere is the same and yet
for me all is very different.
Thanking God that He remains the same...


E Helena E said...

I was glad to hear that Cleo is doing well, and to see her photo!

mamajuliana said...

Well hello Cleo! I am glad everyone is happy!

Janelle thegeekywife said...

I read several posts, but I'm just commenting all at once.

I loved hearing the details of your wedding, esp the godson sitting on your train! The view from your kitchen window is so pretty with the building architecture.