Friday, September 28, 2012

Snapshots ~ the view from here

My buffet that I had in Ottawa
I still have in my new location.
We plan on having our wedding crowns above the bed
as is traditional
but for now they are on the tray...

This is one of my favourite parts of my new home.
Huge kitchen window and window ledge.
Candles for lighting in prayer for others.
Roses from my dear Orthohusband.

My main tea cozy, new napkin holder and one of my creamers
with tea spoons.

Little icon of the Theotokos from a dear
Ottawa parishioner on the day
they had a goodbye potluck lunch for me.
New toaster oven a wedding gift from
another family in my church;
I try to remember to say a prayer for them each time I use it...
Spice rack from the Value Village in Langley BC
from my early Orthodox days and late undergrad days...
it's moved with me many times now!

This is a picture of a little of what I see out of my
kitchen window.
My friend T. asked me for this picture and here it is!
My days are full of various activity here.
I am slowly putting things away,
finding places for things,
moving lamps...
Finding new doctors, dentists
making lists of what we need to get
(light bulbs for example)
and going through boxes and drawers.
Stuff of normal life after a move
and joining of two households.
Cleo is adjust well
but does get jealous at times and lets me know
by a simple 'meow' but she has
more room to be in,
a great window ledge in spare room
and more than one person to be with when my DH is home.
I got the cutest picture of her yesterday...
will have to blog this soon.
I am fighting the 'just moved lonelies' a bit
but am talking to old friends and
working on being thankful for all the many
blessings I have been given.
Can't wait to share more of my new home with you as
time goes on!
Thanks again everyone for your love and support!
As always, you are each a real and great blessing in my life!


Matushka Anna said...

Thanks for the peeks into your new home!

E Helena E said...

How nice to see some familiar objects and your icons again. It certainly sounds as though a warm home has already been created!

tamie marie said...

Oh I'm so glad that you posted pictures! I now have a much better picture. Now...what's at the bottom of that photo fo your view? It looks like a grocery store or something?

Are you close to the water at all? Ie., the ocean.?

It's lovely to see your home-making talents in use in this new and wonderful context. I'm sure Daniel is very grateful for someone who is so good at making a space into a *home*.

M. Emily said...

I loved seeing these photos of your new home!