Sunday, September 30, 2012

Icons and Second Sunday Down South

My Orthoman-husband and I were given
many special icons for our wedding.
Today we had them blessed.

The one of St. Phanourios is the one
leaning up in the centre of this photo...
We were married on St. Phanourios' day
and were given this beautiful handwritten from
close friends of ours from Romania...
My dear friend and I both agree that
St. Phanourios is to be one of the
protectors of my husband and I's marriage
and family...
It was very moving to see all of these icons blessed
with their own prayer service after liturgy.
My DH and I are having a smallish prayer stand
built for our prayer corner in our dining room area.
We probably will not get this for another month or so.
Once we have this in place and
our icons up in this corner,
I will be sure to DV post
lots of pictures!

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Dessi said...

Lovely icon!!! I need to get one of his for my house:) The blue one with the Theotokos looks amazing:)