Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Removal of Crowns

My beloved now Orthohusband and I
had the removal of crowns this past Sunday.
It was lovely, beautiful and good.
My new church is very kind and welcoming.
I could not ask for anything more.
But wow, I am really missing my Ottawa and
my church family of 7 years.
This part is really hard.
But my Orthoman is kind and understanding.
My new home is slowly coming together
and I can't wait to show you all pictures of it.
I've found some organic milk,
even organic yogurt,
though it does not compare to what I had in Ottawa;
it's lacking a tartness that Hewitts yogurt has...
My new grocery tags for sale items are on
my key chain and
the little town I live in is small enough
that I mainly understand where I am going.
It helped that I was here a few times before
marrying my beloved.
I had a good talk earlier this week
with a good friend who married her beloved
and moved countries to Ottawa;
she knows how it is to have such a big
change in location
and that is comforting.
She also said that her first church is still
very much home to her
so that was good to hear.
And I am truly happy for
how kind my new church is.
It's just that it is very possible to be
both glad and sad
at once.
Tomorrow I hope to go to liturgy for the elevation of the Cross.
I do thank God for all the many blessings He has given me!

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E Helena E said...

I am so aware of you not being here.
Thank the Lord for all these new good happenings and beginnings!