Friday, August 31, 2012

Quickly, quickly

For some reason I can't seem to load a picture.
I move out today.
Orthoman comes late tomorrow afternoon.
I feel a bit overwhelmed - 
I don't know if my twin bed is going to be picked up
like promised.
Or when.
I need to clean today and pack everything;
most things are packed but trying to get 
as much to others as possible.
Wedding stuff seems a bit overwhelming right now.
I have had a good week -
have managed to see a lot of my friends,
made the wedding program 
and it is getting printed by next Tuesday.
Still working on the seating chart.
Getting married is one type of stress.
Moving is another type.
I am doing both at once and 
sometimes I am really happy and sometimes
more overwhelmed.
At least my Orthoman will be here soon
and we will no longer have to do everything by 
long distance.
If you could pray that I can maintain health and
stamina, that would be most appreciated,
and of course for my Orthoman too...
and for all our family and friends traveling to Ottawa
for our wedding.
It is now 9 days to the wedding.
Don't know how much I will be able to post before then
and understandably I won't write much until Orthoman and I are 
down South as newlyweds.
Once my moving day is over it will be a bit better.
I have felt great moments of excitement and happiness 
at what God has given us.