Monday, August 06, 2012

Holiday - Moving Prep and Cleo

I go down South tomorrow!
With Cleo.
My Aunt, Cousin and Cousin's son
and I will drive down
starting tomorrow morning.
The idea is to get my stuff delivered
and unpacked before the wedding
for a less-stress newlywed landing later.
Cleo found a new bag she wanted to

I am really hoping she does not get
too too stressed about the
car ride she will have tomorrow
and then the new home.
As my Oma always said...
take it as it comes.
Welcoming all prayers for our travel!

Including Cleo of course... :)


Matushka Anna said...


Victoria said...

yay! a new chapter of life is about to begin! prayers and love coming your way. :)

margaret said...

Cleo looks all set to travel. I guess you'll have to explain to her she isn't travelling in THAT bag!

Marfa said...

She is SO cute. ♥ It would be nice if she could just travel in that fun bag...