Monday, August 13, 2012

Down South - last time before wedding God willing!

Cleo made it and is fine!
She is still hiding at times
and is exploring her new surroundings.
She was in one room
(where I was sleeping on a temporary bed
as my family was here helping me unpack)
but we have now let her out into
the living area.
She traveled down here very well
and was on my lap the last third of the trip!

Thank God I paid a professional
to pack my China.
The truck driver promised to fix the
bulk head (wall) before he left but he did not
and the wall moved 4 feet and all my things fell
as you can see.
Thank God all of my China made it in one piece
due to being very well packed.

My family and Orthoman had
a really nice dinner
at our new home -
my first dinner party!

 It was really fun.
And it was a huge blessing to have my
Aunt, Cousin and Cousin's son
with me for the week.
They did so much to help me unpack.
Our new home is slowly taking shape.
Of course Orthoman does not stay with me
past decent visiting hours
in our new home.
It is hard to believe that the wedding
will be in less than 1 month.
I can tell that it will be a lot of adjusting
and I miss familiar things in Ottawa
and the people there who I have known for
seven years.
It is such a blessing to have such a nice
first home with my Orthoman.
It is going to be really beautiful
and I am enjoying
unpacking and 'nesting'
while my beloved is at work.
I go back this Friday
and hope to have our new home in really good shape.
I am really tired and have a lot to do in the next few days.
Prayers for mercy and strength are most welcomed.
And that I find a good cat sitter for Cleo...


Matushka Anna said...

I can't believe it is this close! (: Thank goodness your china made it - did everything else come through unscathed?

Hugs to you and scratches between the ears for Cleo.

Janelle thegeekywife said...

Can't wait to see pictures when everything is set up. The dinner setting looks great as always.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Mat. Anna and Janelle!

Mat Anna - one of my chairs has a mark and my metal bookshelf (in closet thankfully) is bent on top. Really too bad - it was my Oma and Opa's shelf and later my parents... so far everything else seems fine...

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

How lovely to see Cleo safely in her new home !

What a shame about the things not being secured, but I am glad all your beautiful china is safe and sound :-)

Prayers continue for you all :-)

Donna Witek said...

Yay it all sounds so lovely! Prayers as your big day approaches. And I hope you will post some pictures of wedding details when the big day arrives. :)

Victoria said...

wow. so much change all at once! sounds like you are holding up well.

margaret said...

Looking forward to lots more Cleo and dinner party photos. Perhaps you could have a dinner party for Cleo? I'm sure Miss Tilney could provide recipes.

Good strength for the work ahead.