Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tired Tuesday

I am missing my new home down South!
Today was a busy day.
I am still surprised
at how tired I am.
But I forget how tiring moving is
not to mention major life transitions,
even the happiest of ones.
I am having various dinners with friends;
sometimes it just seems like
goodbye after goodbye...
I was given a beautiful icon card
of the Holy Family today.
Being a bride
and saying goodbye
is a very involved things
but the love and tangible signs
of this love is
wonderful and always a bit
surprising to me.
I think all of us
or most of us
are surprised to be loved.
Found out today that my current apartment
here in Ottawa
is needing to be shown again
as the person who was going to rent it
decided not to do so.
This means that my privacy
is at least at times invaded
and I do rather dislike that. 
But I am trying to look on the
bright side of it
and that it will inspire me to keep
this little place tidy.
I am praying that I can rest
more this week
and regain strength so that I am not
totally burnt out on my wedding day.
I am gathering that this
exhaustion factor is a common
problem surrounding weddings.
One day a time...

1 comment:

Michelle M. said...

When you feel yourself becoming fatigued, just think about what like will be like in about a month. It will help give you some inertia to keep going :) Hugs!