Monday, August 06, 2012

Prayer Request

I am just digesting the news that the
Ottawa office of the moving company mis-read
a note for the office Down South
that said to hold till August 8 and
due to their error all my belongings
that got packed in 2 days are
Still In Ottawa.
 It is a holiday today so I can't even
call the office to get this fixed.
 I can only hope they will move it ASAP
 so I will have time to unpack everything as planned.
I trust God's mercy in the timing and
 it may be better in the long run,
but I must say I was shocked to
hear that the trailer is still here.
Prayers Requested.

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Maria said...

I look back now with a sigh at all the little things that went wrong at my wedding -- the flowers that were not what they were supposed to be, the people who did not come through to make the reception at the church what it was supposed to be. In the end, distressing as all the little problems were, what mattered was that the wedding ceremony was accomplished and we were surrounded by people we loved and who loved us. If you can keep your focus on those two things, you'll survive the inevitable mistakes and departures from plan. They won't change what really matters.