Monday, April 02, 2012

And so Monday Lent Week 6 is gone

Someday I will miss this time.
I remember when
I tried to buy my first
real camera.
It was the year after a
death of a loved one.
I talked about it for days and weeks
until it was settled.
I don't remember why the urgency
other than my old camera died.
I know I am just having
 a hard time processing
the amount of transition I am in.
I am aware that I am very much
a first world girl
as someone who loves me said today.
It's the artist in me
who sees the beauty, the drama, the grief
and wants to make something beautiful from it.
My very best poetry was written
out of sorrow.
It is the sifting sands that
I feel under my feet and I
want to capture the colour, feel
 and shape of each grain.
Began my research today.
I don't think I will
get the camera before
And in the end,
the camera really does not matter.
How much really we all
want to be with Christ
at His feet.
This is really the stillness
that we need to capture
and be captured by. 

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Mimi said...

My Dh bought a new camera last year before we went to Alaska. He did a lot of research, I believe he got a Nikon, but I'm not confident in that (how embarrassing, sorry)