Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt - Lent is going by so quickly

I am so glad I re-read the
life of St. Mary this past week.
I found it really consoling.
Especially how she talks about struggling
so greatly in the desert.
A lot of our struggle comes from
battling fear and wrong thoughts
and St. Mary's prayers can really help us.

I ended up making my
vegan chocolate cake this past
weekend twice for church.
Eaten up both times :)

Was so good to be in church today.
Cleo is glad to have my home tonight.
I am finally getting caught up on dishes
the never ending dishes.
The cater and I rescheduled for late Friday morning
this week to meet.
I feel relieved about this.
Orthoman comes in 1.5 weeks!
God willing my sister-friend and family
are going to come to presanctified liturgy
this Friday with me;
this is very beautiful for me.
I feel like we just got through a hard month
and that God willing
it will get a bit better and then Pascha.
Though we NEED to be vigilant.
The last week of Lent and Holy Week
can have temptations and sorrows.
May God help and protect us.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I'm just now catching up on your last few posts. Things have been very busy and stressful for you....

The photos of Cleo are delightful!

My prayers for you as we approach Holy Week!

margaret said...

As always Cleo is a complete joy.

GretchenJoanna said...

With all the huge changes coming up, and the necessary preparations, I imagine this does seem to you like a very "speedy" Lent. It's amazing to me how God uses this period so effectively for blessing even though I usually have some circumstances that make me feel that I myself am not making use of it.

You live in the present lenten moments, which this year include a special happy anticipation. :-)