Friday, April 06, 2012

End of Great Lent is at hand

I met the cater today.
Wrote about it here.

I am glad that the Saints are always
praying for us and that we are protected.

I love that everyday we can read a bit
more and try to seek God
in the midst of our daily lives.
I have much to do today.
Flowers to bring to church
 from the retirement party.
Cake to bake.
Friends to help.
Presanctified liturgy tonight.
Already cleaned house a bit.
I am so tired.
Really I just want to rest and read books,
like the one above
which I got at the Greek monastery
on my 35th birthday.


Martha said...

Happy very belated 35th birthday to you! ♥ I will turn 35 in a few months. Lent seems so long, but the end always seems to end so quickly! I wish you a wonderful Holy Week.

Mimi said...

A blessed Holy Week indeed!

elizabeth said...

Thank you both! blessed Holy Week!!