Friday, April 06, 2012

Hard to believe this night was the last presanctified liturgy

Liturgy was beautiful.
My sister-friend and her family came;
I got to take my godson to communion.

Another beautiful cake.
Lenten with a Lenten cream and kiwi.
So good.
It was a beautiful evening.
Was so wonderful to have my close friends
with me this night.
They are so warm and hospitable.
It helped ease the sense of loss of this evening
being my last full lent at
my church here.
It was a beautiful night.
My humble cake.
Recipe here
and photograph here.
My Orthoman comes this Holy Wednesday!
God willing I will make him a special
cake for his arrival;
pictures forth coming! :)
It is so hard to believe that Holy Week is almost here!
My spiritual father says that
if you were going to live 7 days
Holy Week is the 7 days you would want to live.
How I look forward to this week.

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