Monday, April 30, 2012

And onward it goes

I was given some very beautiful gifts
for my wedding and future home.

A very intricate hand embroidered Rusnyk
that will be tied around
our arms
just before we go around the table
at the wedding
(a Ukrainian tradition)

This woven blue and white one
will be the one we stand on in front of the table.

I went to a very nice baby shower.
Love that the mother to be got icons
for her baby's room.
Today is tax deadline day
here in Canada.
Um, I didn't make it.
My to-do-pile is still toppling over. 
I am not sure but I may have to revisit
my work/wedding prep/moving prep
balance as life just keeps bringing
unexpected things and I have no idea
how to keep up with it.


Athanasia said...

Elizabeth, I have been remiss in not extending my warmest wishes on your engagement and soon-to-be wedding! May God grant you and Orthoman many blessed years!

The rusnyk is absolutely beautiful! Was it hand made by someone you know? I make them myself but haven't graduated to the very elaborate such as the one you featured.

God bless!

elizabeth said...

Thank you!

They are all from Ukraine... one of my very dear friends just came back from visiting over seas and her Aunt had gotten them for me for the wedding... I know, they are very beautiful!!!

Martha said...

How I wish I were at the baby shower, too. ♥
Those cloths are beautiful...I like that tradition of tying your hands together, I think it's a Greek tradition, too.

Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

The rusnyk is lovely! handfasting is a very ancient part of the wedding ceremony - in and out of church:

Nicole said...

Those are GORGEOUS. Our hands were tied with a simple white ribbon but I LOVE this. I pray your wedding preparations go smoothly so that you can enjoy the happy day!

Donna Witek said...

Hang in there Elizabeth. I can sympathize with the overfull plate. Here's what my husband has told me to do, and so I pass it on to you: Try to slice and dice your To Do list up into smaller, more manageable pieces; prioritize them; then tackle just one at a time, ignoring the others until 1) the one you're working on is complete, or, 2) you need a break from the one you're working on, in which case perhaps switch to a new one (or take a break/rest all together if need be--this is OK to do too!!!). Hugs and prayers from here!! And, when you get overly stressed, breathe deeply then look at your Rusnyk, or your ring, r your crowns (that was one of my favorite things to look at leading up to the big day) as a reminder of the beautiful, momentous event it is all leading towards. It's a good way to be reminded that, even with the stress, it is worth it. :) Christ is risen!

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone!!!

Thanks esp. to Donna for your encouragement and advice :)

Nicole - nice info about the ribbon! sound beautiful!

Marfa - we both know you would loved to be there! It was really lovely!

Anna - thanks for the info! very interesting!