Saturday, April 07, 2012

A beautiful Annunciation and Lazarus Saturday

It is almost here!!
Holy Week!!!
The Best Week of the Year.

There was a chrismation at my
church today.
I took lots of pictures with my camera.
I am pleased with how many of them
turned out.
I can get a better focus by
manually focusing
and I am really pleased.
As a rule I don't post pictures of people on my
blogs so you'll have to trust me on this one.

Today was also Annunciation.
I did not eat fish,
but will tomorrow.
My church has a bigger church meal
with fish, wine and oil.
I am experimenting with a new
lenten chocolate cake.
I hope it turns out,
or the kids
(okay and adults :))
will be disappointed!
Tomorrow is the newly illumined's
first communion.
This is such a joy to behold.


Janelle thegeekywife said...

I love Annunciation. I do pray your sleep improves; I'm struggling with that too lately.

elizabeth said...

We can pray then for each other! :)

GretchenJoanna said...

That photograph of - is it a dahlia? - at the top is gorgeous!

Yes, let's live the seven days of Holy Week to our fullest ability! I know my ability is quite inadequate to appreciate the goodness of this week...but we are on the way to Pascha! And we'll get there, ready or not. ;-)

elizabeth said...

Thanks G.-J.: You know, I really don't know my flowers... it was a cut arrangement that someone else really don't know! beautiful though, hey?

Yes, agreed! Onward to Holy Week!!